DailyPost v3 : Poster Maker, Festival & Business, Crafto App Clone


Daily Post is a Suvichar and Festival Wishes system Application which runs under the Android platform. It is used for Inspirational Quotes, Day-Specific Wishes, Festival Quotes, Good Morning Quotes, and Good Night Quotes application with Firebase as Back-end and URL system can manage unlimited image wishes and categories. This application is built with Android Studio with clean and quality code for best performance and already integrated with AdMob ads. By using this application you can save your time and money in creating a product.

Admin Panel Laravel
Admin Panel Secured
Notification Send Personalized
Admin panel Ads Manage
Firebase as Back-end
AdMob Ads Banner, Interstitial, Native, Rewarded
Demo Link APP https://drive.google.com/file/d/1fmnDvksgPEHe52QPyNT363SkcV9GC3FY/view
₹5000/- ₹2499/-